The Black Lives Matter Movement

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The Black Lives Matter movement has excelled in momentum due to the online support of social media. Twitter specifically has been useful in support of the movement due to its start of the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. Of course, there are people who are against the movement overall and this results in a backlash against those who support it. For instance, Twitter as a platform has received backlash against critics for its support and allowance of discussion for the Black Lives Matter Movement. Due to this, my argument focuses on the reasoning behind critics dismissing and discrediting Twitter as a platform in its support for the movement, and then showcasing the importance of Twitter and its usage with the movement. Twitter as a platform was originally created with the intent to have the users become microbloggers (Arceneaux and Weiss). Now as we’ve seen, the platform has essentially turned users into mobile journalist, allowing them to be the creators and distributors of information. Twitter has been useful in support of the movement in various way. First, the platform offers reliable media coverage. Most of the general public turns on the news to stay updated but others log into Twitter. The reasoning why is because Twitter is known for broadcasting live videos and information before major news outlets. Furthermore, unlike the media, Twitter users, majority of the time relay the information promptly without misrepresenting or biasly giving out false information which major
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