The Black Rat

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The Plague The black rat originated in Asia in the Mongolian Empire. They were wild borrowing animals who hosted the microorganism Yersinia pestis, which was natural disease in the wild borrowing animal’s population. Humans and these animals did not cross paths until the development of roads crossing through the domain of the rats. Following the onset of the leprosy scare throughout Europe, another deadlier infection was about to change their perspective on life and the world. The Church held the most power over the monarchs and peasant people life, alike, during the leprosy endemic, but at the start of a new infection they would lose their power vary rapidly as it came to be. Just as the Church lost it power and influence different churches emerged from the plague as did other lasting societal impacts. The plague ravaged through Europe and destroyed their current way of life and inflicting societal changes that are still present today. The first to come into contact with Y. pestis were the Mongolian people, whose empire expanded throughout most of Asia. To expand their empire they crossed the plains where the animals lived and contracted the disease by way of fleas. This deadly infection took a toll on the Mongolian army as they were fighting to claim Caffa, a port city. When retreating, the army lobbed their dead over the walls and this started the major movement of the Y. pestis infection to Europe and other surrounding countries. Demands for Eastern goods increase as

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