The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

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Is someone who strives to become something that they are not, motivated simply by acceptance? For example, a person who changes his or her hairstyle or way of dress may desire to be seen as cool. Also, others may even join a sport simply to be popular and feel more accepted. In our lives, we are always changing and adjusting in order to show progress or to be seen as better. The changing of one’s race is another action taken by individuals who seek acceptance in high society. In The Bluest Eye, the author Toni Morrison tells of several intertwining stories of many black individuals. Most of these individuals, when addressed by other characters, struggle with negative references of name-calling and descriptions. Negative remarks aside, some black individuals in the novel are raised in a light that mirrors the opposing race’s life rather than their own. Throughout the novel, the author and society constantly place black individuals on a lower pedestal so much that they strive to be white or to have white qualities.
Thoughts and the action of thinking can be more defining than actions themselves. For example, “[His mother wanted him to play with] white kids; his mother did not like him to play with niggers … [because] niggers [are] dirty and loud” (Morrison 87). These thoughts come from a character in the novel by the name of Geraldine. The thoughts show how she feels about two different races. The quote implies that she not only wants to demean blacks but it also implies that

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