The Book Thief Analysis

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What is the time period in which the book happens and how did this impact the story?

The time period of the story is in the year 1939 during World War II. The impact was people were losing their lives because of their beliefs. Liesel’s love for reading makes her start stealing books from book burnings. She also helps by hiding a Jewish man from nearly being executed. The man’s name was Max Vandenburg, and he was an old friend of Hans during World War I. Liesel’s family helps him by hiding the man down in their basement until this war was completely over. /5

List three cause/effect relationships found in the book.

One example of a cause and effect relationship is Liesel likes to read books so she steals them from book burnings, and if she gets caught she’ll be punished or even worse, executed. Another example would be Han’s old friend from World War I, Max Vandenburg. Max has to hide in the family’s basement, but if the Nazis find out, everyone, including Max would be killed. One more example would be when German soldiers were marching with some Jews; Hans acted generously and gave one of the Jews a piece of bread, because of the Germans’ reaction Hans got drafted into the military. /10

What did the title have to do with the book?

The reason the book is called, “The Book Thief,” is it named after Liesel’s actions. Liesel loves books and reading so much that she steals the books to keep them safe from being burned by the

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