The Book Thief Personal Response

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In the book, “The Book Thief,” by Markus Zusak. He takes you back in time to WW2. A little girl Liesel discovers the ability to read, and starts stealing books from a burning pile. When Max a Jew walks into their home they must care for him without being seen by the Nazis. The author uses a different variety of craft to feel the characters emotions, and explain the difference between characters throughout the story. Discover time back in history deep within, “The Book Thief.” The Outside World of Max To begin with, the author uses a great sense of technique by explaining the inside deeper thoughts of a main character in the book. The purpose of this was to help the reader get further information about the characters emotions by describing the thoughts of the character. …show more content…

We know that he is thinking this because in the book, a scene shows how Max dreams of seeing the clouds, sun, and the stars at night. For example, one day he asks Liesal, (an orphan that the family adopted). If she could tell him about the weather. “’Close your eyes,’ she’d said. ‘Hold out your hands.’ Max shivered, and laughed. ‘Is this today’s weather report?’ He raised Liesel’s hand to his mouth. ‘Thanks, Liesel’” (Zusak 312). When Liesel gives him the chance to feel snow, he laughs showing how happy he is. The author showed that Max really urged to know what the weather was outside by asking Liesal. Max not only is told what the weather is he gets to see something he has never seen before. We also know that this is a very important part in the story because the author takes a big part of the section to explain it. Also, when the sirens went off Max went outside, and looked at the sky. “Papa asked, ‘How did it

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