The Boston Tea Party Of 1773

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The Boston Tea Party of 1773 was a statement made by angry colonists to the British Parliament that enough was enough. The colonists were enraged over Parliaments constant abuse of power. They wanted their independence and Parliament wanted no part of that, which fueled their cause and the incidents thereafter will go down in history as the most important endeavors in history. Leading up to the revolt were events that further agitated the colonists and began to strain the relationship between them and Britain. After the French and Indian War, a huge debt was hanging in the balance. In order to gain revenue to pay imperial debt, Parliament began to look towards the American Colonists to not only subsidize these costs, but to reign in their control over them. Therefore, Parliament looked towards taxation to fund the costs of war and felt that since much of the money was spent to protect the American Colonist, they should share in the repayment. The first to be enforced was the Sugar Act, which taxed molasses. The colonist had no say in this law and therefore this stirred up the colonists even more and they began to boycott certain British merchandise. (Kennedy 2012) When the Stamp Act of 1765 required the British seal, or stamp, to be affixed on all paper documents, the colonists turned violent. They would not pay for something that never needed or required a stamp before so the colonists fought and won the repealing of this Act. The colonists became violent and

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