The Bridge Masculinity

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‘A view from the Bridge’ by Arthur Miller is set in the 1950’s based around Italian Immigration and the American Sicilian culture in America at that time. The Sicilian attitude towards society’s expectations of gender were very traditional which created the patriarchal society they live in, to which they transferred towards their new lives in the US. This meant men were expected to behave in a typical ‘masculine’ manner such as strong, hard-working and robust whereas women would be stay at home wives, taking care of the family and produce more children, however if someone were to act in a way different to their stereotype they would be outcasted or rejected to society. The definition of masculinity is to be in possession of the …show more content…

This gives an insight into his characteristic flaws.

A supporting example of Eddie typifying masculinity is when he projects Rodolpho as an outcast towards society. "I'm ashamed. Paper Doll they call him. Blondie now.” This expresses a feminine side towards Rodolpho. The audience can intemperate this because blondie is usually associated with a blonde-haired person, typically a woman or girl as a manner of dress and Paper Doll, a piece of paper cut or folded into the shape of a human figure which could refer towards "if you close the paper fast, you could blow him over.” However, this does not collide well with Eddie as he would want Catherine to marry a traditional Sicilian American gentleman not somebody who is seen with even a remote figure or action linking to a homosexual. Eddie is shown to be almost embarrassed that people see him as this which creates tension between the two and stops him from even creating conversation, let alone eye contact.

Marco represents Sicilian culture, justice and embodies masculinity. He gives the reader the impression that he is well devoted towards his children and wife back in Sicily who are starving, poor with needs of healthcare and medicines. We know that one of the children is suffering from tuberculosis without any medicines when

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