The Buddha Was A Very Smart Man Named Siddhattha Gotama

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The Buddha was a very smart man named Siddhattha Gotama. He passed up many great positions to continue on his journey. He tried his own techniques and learned from them. Buddhism was not the first religion in China, it migrated from India. Buddhism is a vast and complex religious philosophical tradition. Buddhism was the religion everyone in China mostly followed and a little bit of the previous one.
Buddha is not a name it is a title that means one who has woken up. You can not be called Buddha until you have reached enlightenment. The Buddha’s mother had a dream that the Buddha enters her side as a white baby elephant, she dies seven days later after his birth. The Buddha was born in Terai lowlands in the Himalayas. When he was born the ground shook and the Gods laid him on the ground in a shower of water. He got up instantly, and walked, and declared that this would be the last time he was born. The Buddha was a good student and mastered things very quickly. Alara taught him to enter a state known as 'the sphere of nothingness '. Alara offered him a leadership position but he turned it down. He then went to a new teacher named Uddaka Ramaputta that taught him to enter the ‘sphere of neither perception nor non-perception’. Uddaka wanted to be Buddha’s disciple, Buddha said no. Buddha is known as Bhagavata to his followers; Buddha real name is Siddhattha Gotama. His first name means one who has achieved his aim and his last name is derived from the name of an ancient…
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