The Budget Reduction Of Public Transportation And Its Security

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During the 1970’s, New York City faced a fiscal crisis that brought it to the brink of bankruptcy resulting in severe budget cuts for many of its assets (Dunstan, p.g. 1). The budget reduction of public transportation and its security resulted in the birth of a deep culture that that seemingly replaced the void that was left behind. The empty subways turned into glimmering canvases for those who wanted a form of expression. What started out as simple name taggings turned into a voice for society’s mutes. Despite being constantly at odds with the law, the community stood together and graffiti evolved into a more law abiding and more accepted variation of what it originally was. Despite its evolution and recognition, it has been constantly denounced as mere vandalism rather than a form of art. Graffiti is art because it is the purposeful arrangement of elements for aesthetic appeal, can be used for the purpose of illustrative mimesis, and is a visual form of creative activity. The foremost image that appears in the minds of most people when they hear the word graffiti is colorful illustrations of undecipherable words and the depictions of famous figures or caricatures throughout history. As an art form, graffiti has embraced said traits for the purpose of aesthetic appeal. Artists work on creating illustrations using a wall as a canvas and think of creative ways to create images of their likings, using different types of paint, for people to appreciate. In a lot of cases,

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