The Bust Of Carol Janeway

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The Bust of Carol Janeway (1943) is a bronze sculpture of an abstracted female half-figure with a long facial expression. Her head is tilted to the right and her face is pointed towards the ground. Only the right side of her face can be recognized as a female head. The back left side of her head has been whipped out only showing her hair and is facing the viewer. The front left side of her head is flat and shows the nose, left eye, and part of the hair. The right eyeball is rolled up into the lids, but an eyeball is still shown. The left eye is replaced by a flat surface with a pointed protruding eyebrow. The harsh line on the eyebrow flattens at the base of the nose and travels down the right side of her face, outlining the nose. She has curly hair that is pulled back into a layered bun. She has a chin that comes to a point at the bottom. The left side of her face is separated from her chin with a sharp line the follows her jaw line. Her neck is irregularly long and thick. It is about the same width as her head. Her shoulders are broad and uneven to each other. They are rested to look as if the figure has just let out a sigh. The right shoulder is flat of on the outer side and the left shoulder is rounded. Her left arm stops a little past her forearm on the wooden base. Her right arm is about double the length of her torso and is curled to her chest. In her right hand she holds the pendant of a necklace between her thumb and index finger, which is inscribed with a dove. The

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