The Canadian Progressive Rock Band Rush

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Books, movies, paintings, music, and other types of art are connected in various ways, but one connection seems to stand out. All art mediums are constructed in a way that disallows a median to be reached regarding one’s opinion from another. If a group of people favors one thing, another group most likely exists that has the opposite, or conflicting opinion. 2112, read Twenty-one twelve, is a 7-part conceptual album by the Canadian progressive rock band Rush, illustrates this conflict in its main plot. Regardless of its vivid storytelling and impactful instrumentals that glues everything together, it is evident that each listener will break apart in terms of their personal opinions. 2112, much like in Anthem by Ayn Rand, the dystopic idea of equality and how everyone should cherish their unique identities that they possess. The main character, named Anonymous, retaliates against the idea by not conforming to what is expected by the “Priests of the Temples of Syrinx”, but the factor driving him ultimately was the will to venture outward and appreciate something that seemingly no one else sees. The conversation between Anonymous, and the priest during “IV. Presentation”, separates light from dark. Anonymous, after discovering a guitar that the “Elder race of man” left, speaks out to share his opinions. “I can 't believe you 're saying / These things just can 't be true / Our world could use this beauty / Just think what we might do” (Rush, IV. Presentation). Anonymous
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