The Case : Great Promise And Its Impact On The Future

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Between the cases many comparisons are to be made about both trials. The decisions of the cases showed premises, in that both trials were on the subject of marriage equality. The fact that this trial went in favor of the plaintiff showed forthcoming. As the legal establishment shown from the trials gave validity to their marriage and similar ones that are to follow. So, by referencing, or even with knowledge of the case going in favor of the plaintiff, the case shows great promise and has an extreme impact on the future, making the cases trailblazers. In both the 1960’s and during present day is the perception of marriage established. Yet, there are still those that did not have exactly the same belief and had the conception that marriage was based on love, and not gender, or ethnicity. So, from the court 's decision the presumption can be made that it influenced the movement, or a want of marriage equality which of course depended on the time period. As the people who opposed same-sex marriages and marriage based on race, differed. For example, from the bible marriage is to be between a man and a woman, as the church 's impact negatively was minimal in support of legalization of different race marriage. Although, in the case of same-sex marriages the decision was fought and outraged by the catholic community under the belief, that was established in the bible that marriage was between a man and a woman. So, the impact of the churches went from minimal in the 1960’s to great
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