The Case Of Enric Duran

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The case of Enric Duran is not within the stereotypical remit of Business ethics. Nevertheless, the ethical implications and the outcomes of Duran’s actions highlight some potential intrinsic flaws that are present in the current state of affairs that govern businesses and how they impact the general well-being of society. There is no negating that the economic activist, who in 2009 went into hiding to avoid the repercussions of his actions, has broken the law and in no way, can ethical theories such as Kantian deontology, shareholder and stakeholder views condone his actions. However, without committing an appeal to the quoque fallacy, the points made by Duran in an interview with Vice Magazine whilst evading capture in Italy suggest the…show more content…
In Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals Kant argues that, “[we] ought never to act in such a way that [we] couldn’t also will that the maxim on which [we] act should be a universal law,” (Kant, 2005) as such, one of the fundamental prescribed rubrics in Kantian deontology is being defied by Duran. Whilst I can appreciate the intensions of Duran in his economical vendetta, there is little opposition to the view that if we were all to steal that the overall outcome would not be beneficial for society in. in fact it is rather the converse of Duran’s actions that would likely bring out a positive change in society. Maxims such as, ‘do not steal’ sufficiently meet the requirements of Kant’s categorical imperatives. The blatant disregard of the instructions Kant provides can only lead me to state that in terms of deontological ethics, Duran is acting unethically. However, I must stipulate that whilst he may be acting unethically in relation to deontology, Duran may be acting in an ethical manner when we consider other theories.
Nonetheless, before I attempt to prove the ethical intentions of Duran, I must also present other theories that, if following their discourse, provide significant critique and defamation of Duran’s actions. Specifically, I am alluding to Shareholder and Stakeholder theories of business. Whilst there could potentially be, in my opinion, a minor case for some support from the stakeholder view in terms of the responsibility

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