The Case Of Michael Brown

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In the recent killings of Freddie Gray and Michael Brown, police departments from around the United States have become prone to be labeled as racist and to use excessive amounts of force constantly. As a result, president Obama was able to get the federal government to pay $75 million for the purchase of 50,000 cameras for law enforcement officers (Investor 's Business, Daily).” Furthermore, the recent killings of citizens by police officers have caused the nation to question the police departments that protect us. In the case of Michael Brown, little evidence was collected and it was up to the testimony of the eyewitnesses and forensics to determine a verdict. However. in the case of Freddie Gray, it was up to the altopsy of Gray’s body to decide if the officers killed him or not. Both of these cases seem to lack evidence and that causes the trial to become that much harder. Therefore, if body cameras were used in every police department, then video evidence would be able to provide video evidence of the incidents and would provide video evidence of events that lead up to the incident. Therefore, police officers should be required to utilize body cameras when on patrol because this will lead to video evidence to show what happened in any situation and would hep improve the relation ship they have with the citizens. The use of body cameras has a variety of positive effects, but they also can cause a variety of problems. President Obama requested a “$75 million, three-year

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