The Castle Essay

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The Castle

Shiro bolted through the frozen forest, the burning remains of the monastery still visible on the hill. The sweat was frozen on Shiro's exposed skin like an icy shell, and the snow cut into his feet like knives. Shiro was a monk. A monk who had lost his home and his friends, and was running for his life. The monastery was often attacked by seemingly supernatural forces, but this was different. They were organized, as if they had a leader.

Shiro´s sleek, muscular form, toned by many years of combat, stood still as he crouched low and listened, his senses in maximum overdrive. Nothing except the faint cracking and splintering of the burning building in the distance. Then, he heard it. The subtle, yet noticeable crunch in the …show more content…

The weapon was elegant. With a handle wrapped in the finest weave, and an elegantly carved brass hand guard. The long curved blade, made of tempered steel and sharpened to the point of impossibility. The sheath was worn, battered, and well used. You wouldn't expect such an elegant weapon to be concealed in such a crude sheath. The creature hissed and stepped back, looking at the simple sword like it might explode.

¨Go back to whatever pit of rot you came from and you will be spared.”

The creature opened its mouth wide in a sort of grin and called out into the frozen night. Shiro took a powerful step forward, solidly planting his feet into the snow and slashed at the creature with his blade. The creature sidestepped and took a swipe at Shiro with its talons. Shiro spun, and side stepped, leaving the creature off guard, and allowing Shiro to swipe his sword up, cutting deep into the creature's hide.

The beast howled into the night, falling to one knee, made one final attempt and lashed out. Shiro stabbed his sword into the creature's hand and pushed the blade forward, splitting the bone down the middle and out through the shoulder, silencing the monster´s howls.
Shiro took a deep breath, drawing the sword slowly from the monster´s limp body. Shiro didn't wait around to see if any more would come. He turned and ran.

Jason pushed his way through the dense jungle, hacking overhanging vines and tangles to clear a path for his troop. His

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