The Cause Of The Black Death In The Middle Ages

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Picture a village near the trade route in Europe during the middle ages – a working class family is sharing a meal when a knock on the door interrupts and is greeted by a man covered in sores doing what was later called the dance of death. The visitor was taken in by the family and died in the night. When the children awoke the next morning, they felt feverish and would eventually wind up in the same predicament as their visitor. This sequence repeats itself as villages are eliminated to this curious sickness. What was the cause of this widespread death? The answer was simple: the Black Death. Transmitted mainly on trade routes by infected fleas, this sickness ravaged Europe for nearly a decade. In 1347, Europe was beginning to flourish …show more content…

Villages would prepare mass graves once the plague reached their area, knowing that the loss would be devastating. As the death toll rose, the graves would grow higher, without enough time to cover the bodies before placing more on top. It is believed that there were not enough survivors in many villages to secure the graves of the dead (“The Black Death,” n.d.). During this time, Religion had a large cultural influence on Europe. Priests were summoned before medical care because God was thought to be the knower of all. Some Christians retaliated against other religions that they believe would have caused the outbreak, while others focused on prayer and holy rituals in hopes for a cure. When someone died of the plague, they were thought to have been rich in the new world (“Khan Academy,” n.d.). When those remedies began to show signs of fault, people began using their own remedies in hopes of healing. Home remedies ranged from drinking vinegar and water to essentially bleeding the patient out to rid them of the bacteria since it was in the blood. Once the plague started to spread, though, sanitation methods were introduced and those exhibiting symptoms were confined to isolation (“Cures for the Black Death,” 2015). The once booming economy of Europe took a steep downfall as the plague swept through the country. Newly established trade alliances were paused due to the plague victimizing the workers and suppliers

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