The Cause Of Violence And Crime In America

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- Violence has a deep history since the creation of human civilizations on earth. There is no definite factor that decides the cause of violence. Per the psychologists, it is in the childhood of a person that dictates his interest in violence. This causes the debate of nature vs. nurture. Violence can be caused by influence of both. Violence is also caused by societal conflicts especially in the area of government. Citizens of a nation often do not have say in the policies of their government and may return to violence to show their anger. Violence is a powerful way to show strength and intimidate others. Most people commit violence because of their inability to understand why life isn’t fair at all times. For them committing a violent crime proves to be their own sense of satisfaction that they have done something to change what bothers them. Other times, it is the helpless victim of cultural stereotypes and societal dispositions that commits violence merely by being manipulated. Big organizations such as mafia gangs commit violence for money and security. Thus, there isn’t just one simple cause/reasons individuals or organizations commit violence. It is often a combination of multiple factors.
2. How can we reduce violent crime in America?
- In recent years, America has become prone to violence. Although, overall crime rate has declined, violent crime such as mass shootings and drug offences have increased. The first way we can reduce crime in America is to start with the

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