The Causes Of Fast Food Labor?

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As a tear drips down from the tired mother's face she tucks her kids into bed and then goes to check the mail. Although she already knows that she wouldn't be receiving a check with enough money to pay her rent or groceries, she still crosses her fingers and hopes for a miracle. The sad reality was that the electricity got shut off last week and pretty soon she is going to have to begin pawning her valuables in order to feed her children. This is the life of a mother who works overtime every week. This is the life of a mother who makes, on average, $7.25 per an hour. This mother is a fast food worker. Fast food workers not only need but deserve the right to unionize. A union is an organization of laborers who have come together in order to voice their opinions and take action against production workers, who constantly overwork and underpay their employees. “The fast-food industry pays the minimum wage to a higher proportion of its workers than any other American industry. Consequently, a low minimum wage has long been a crucial part of the fast food industry’s business plan.” Unions began arising across the country over a century ago due to minimal benefits, low income, no phased retirement, and so much more. In fact, horrible work conditions are starting to turn into an epidemic that is essentially sweeping the nation. “In Illinois the Workers Organizing Committee of Chicago led demonstrations at retail and fast-food establishments along Michigan Avenue’s famed ‘Magnificent

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