The Causes Of Juvenile Delinquency

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Theft, vandalism, disorderly conduct, and possession of marijuana are common crimes, offenses and violations of juvenile delinquency. Delinquency is the wrongdoing or minor crime, especially committed by young people – young people refers to term ‘juvenile’. Delinquency may be committed by any individual regardless of the age group, but with younger population it is handled differently in court system compared to adults. Most states implement community based programs and school-related activities for prevention with educational subject matters such as consequences, impactful effects, and removing oneself from provocative circumstances. Surprisingly, juvenile arrest rates continuously decrease and reached an all-time low according to Office of Justice Programs (Synder, 2004). Although, the statistics reflect positivity; the start of delinquency may lead to serious criminal involvement later in life. Juvenile delinquency is a societal issue therefore effective measures must be in position to reinforce and educate the public to end this ongoing predicament.

Based on numerous research findings the causes of juvenile delinquency are among the lines of family, mass media, and peer pressure. The cases of these causes range from high to low and basic to complex. Transiting from preteen into adolescence is accompanied with intense peer pressure. Adolescents seek acceptance from peers which allows the pressure to succeed. In like manner, teenagers are easily persuaded to join

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