The Causes Of The American Revolution And The French Revolution

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The 18th century in Western Europe and the Colonies in the world experienced major wars: the American Revolution (1775-1783) and the French Revolution (1789-1799). Both were inspired by the philosophy of the Enlightenment, and both “ were the results of oppression the people had to suffer [at] the hands of their rulers…and [both] succeeded in toppling the monarchy (“ Difference”).Even though these two revolutions were similar in time frame(18th century), and causes unfair taxation of the oppressed poor by greedy, uncaring monarchs, they differed significantly in other causes, notable events, participation of the classes, goals, and resulting political systems. Only the “American Revolution was able to sustain the democracy gained by such as vast revolution” (“Difference”). First, the French Revolution took place in the country of France, and the entrants in the revolution were fundamentally from the French society. “The chief cause of the French Revolution was that the government of King Louis XVI of France faced a fiscal crisis in the 1780s” (“Difference”). Louis XVI was an honest and simple man, but he was impacted by his queen Marie Antoinette Who always intervened in the state affairs. “She always felt proud as she was the daughter of Austrian Empress, and she always enjoyed luxurious and extravagant life” (“Revolution”). Moreover, Louis XVI forced huge enormous taxes on people who were previously tired of huge taxes. “He realized that this taxation problem really
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