The Causes Of The Drought In California

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• The Drought in California has lasted about five years. California is an American state known for it agricultural industry and large cities. It is on the West Coast near the Ocean as well. It is supposed to get both rain and snowfall throughout the year, but the drought has prevented as sufficient amount from occurring.
• The drought was caused by overuse and over extraction from water tables and freshwater sources for the commercial agricultural industry. The biggest cause, however, was a high-pressure system near the coast diverting storms away from California because it cannot rain California is in a drought.
• Due to this drought, many crops have dies leading to poverty for many farmers. People are lacking clean drinking water forcing the state to bring it in from other states. Water tables are collapsing as well.
• To mitigate loss of life close monitoring of dry woods needs to occur that way if a forest fire starts it can be put out easier, or the surrounding areas can evacuate more effectively.
• People are also shifting away from grass lawns to save water from being wasted on something purely for intrinsic value. They are also using less water for washing dishes and showering to prevent the need for any more water extraction.
• California is also importing more produce instead of growing it on their own to prevent malnourishment and supplement the lack of produce being grown in state.

8. Hurricane/serious storm case study: discuss a serious hurricane or tropical storm. Where did it hit and what impact did it have? How did/could weather monitoring mitigate loss?
• Hurricane Katrina hit The United States and Canada. In the United States, it did the most damage in New Orleans, Louisiana. It also hit parts of Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Mississippi and Alabama.
• It came onto land as a Category three hurricane with powerful windspeeds reaching more than 125 miles per hour.
• New Orleans is a large city hit by Katrina with most the land being lower to sea level making It prone to flooding. It is also has the Mississippi river flowing through it. There are many poverty-stricken neighborhoods usually in areas with more flooding.
• Meteorologists were capable of predicting Hurricane Katrina
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