The Causes Of The Great Depression

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The Great Depression was the greatest economic downfall in history. The depression lasted ten years , from 1929-1939. The Great Depression was caused by the crash of stock the market in the month of October in the year of 1929. The crash of the stock market caused many Americans and other races began to go unemployed and also caused many businesses to collapse. The Great depression affected many groups in the world, including families, education, and African Americans. This time in history brought many hardships to everyone in the world.
Many families during this depression were struggling to live off the incomes that they had brought into their homes, since their salaries had been dropped by thirty percent. Over fifty percent of the population did not have the money to afford food, clothing, medical care, or shelter. Parents felt powerless and hopeless, because they could not afford to feed their family or provide them with an education . Families did not have the money to afford fridges to keep their food cold and also could not afford units to heat up their food or keep their food warm. Families struggled to afford not just hot water, but any water running water period. Some families also did not have the money to pay for heat and air to be supplied into their homes due to unemployment and the drops in their salaries. Private and Municipal charities would help out in the soup kitchens to feed the lower class families and the needy. Many men and woman would stand in lines
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