The Causes Of The Great Railroad Strike Of 1877

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As the years progressed from 1882-1970, the amount of lynchings done to blacks and whites decreased and eventually in 1965 became 0
Class Conflicts and Ethnic Clashes
The Great Railroad Strike of 1877 was when the four largest railroads decided to cut employee wages by 10% leading for the workers to go on a violent strike...Hayes decided to call in federal troops to suppress the fighting but more fighting broke out in mostly every large city (workers lost and showed weakness in labor movements)
After the railroad successes, many Chinese men decided to leave back for China while others stayed here and faces many challenges
The immigration of the Chinese in American Society angered many other immigrants (Irish) and led to many violent reactions
Denis Kearney led the violent abuses of the Chinese using his Kearneyites in San Francisco because the Chinese were a source of cheaper labor compared to the other immigrants
Chinese were “Rice eaters” and the Irish were “Beef eaters”
Chinese “coolies” were terrorized by Kearneyites (would cut of their pigtails and murder)
The Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882 was an act passed by Congress that stopped Chinese immigrant laborers from coming to the U.S.
Supreme Court Case: U.S. v. Wong Kim Ark stated that according to the 14th amendment the exclusionists could not strip the Chinese Americans of their citizenship
Garfield and Arthur
Republicans chose James A. Garfield (electorally powerful- Ohio) as their presidential nomination and a

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