The Causes Of The Kkk On The Civil Rights Movement

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Throughout the year’s historians have studied and debated what impact the KKK had on the Civil Rights Movement, 1954-1968. With evidence, it is clear that the KKK had a negative outlook on the Movement as it allowed African-Americans to have social and political freedom and gave them equal rights. Due to the racial and white supremacy ideals of the time, many opposed the movement causing the causal factors that developed the KKK. Since its birth in 1865 the Klan left Intergenerational trauma on many African American that would remain long after the Klan’s disbandment in 1968. In response to these heinous crimes the government introduced a series of Acts and Legations with the hope that it would disempower and end the KKK. However, the Acts and Legations were unsuccessful in doing so as the Klan continued to terrorise African-Americans in hopes of negatively impact and eventually ending the Civil Rights Movement. Throughout the KKKs’ rein the Klan members evidently used vehement and horrendous means to oppose the Civil Right Movement through intimidating and even murdering African-Americans. As stated before the reasoning behind these horrific attacks can be traced back to the racial and white supremacy ideals of society during the 20th century. These violent acts committed by Klan members often consisted of lynching, torture, threat letters and destroying and burning of property. Within a peer-reviewed journal, published by historian (Williams, 2001). It reports more than
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