The Causes Of Valley Forge

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Valley Forge “Helplessness includes hopelessness and history attest that loss of hope and not the loss of lives is what decides the issue war” B. H. Linddel Hart. VAlley Forge had taken place the winter of 1777-1778. Valley Forge was a camp that the Militia, or the American soldiers camped in through the Winter. The soldiers had to make it through terrible conditions of the harsh weathers, many soldiers tell of how they could see the blood in the snow from the bloody feet of the soldiers marching barefoot in the snow. The disease of smallpox had come so quickly and spread so fast. The soldiers of the MIlitia had been inoculated with a kind of small pox disease to help them fight the small pox. The inoculation had decreased the risk of the soldiers dying from smallpox. In 1773 the ar had been sparked by the Boston Tea party. The Boston tea party shows that the Americans were done with Britain and all of their taxings. Later that year the colonist had installed 310 street lights and know they are in war. I have decided to not re-enlist for three reasons which are there is not enough clothing, sickness is spreading to fast, and the bad conditions of the weather. I am closing no to reenlist because there is not enough clothing for everyone. There is not enough clothing for every one, Doctor waldo said”... there is nasty clothing…” ( Waldo 151) id there is nasty clothing evry where then how can we as the militia stay warm weil we fight, stay warm and live throughout the

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