The Censorship Debate

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The Censorship Debate        Do words such as nigger, bitch, or ass offend you?  The answer may seem clear cut, but our nation has been struggling with the issue of censorship almost since its conception.  To many, the aforementioned words are a part of their everyday vocabulary; to others, they are vulgar and unacceptable.  The issue of censorship is much more than just words.  There have been huge controversies over the negative ideas and graphic nature of literature, music, and television.  What is too violent, too negative, too obscene, or too graphic?  And who decides what these standards are?  These are questions that are still debated by many. …show more content…
as music or literary censoring, but it still needs to be addressed.  Most programs on TV today have at least some violence in them, and many have quite a bit.  The line between what is too violent and what is acceptable is becoming increasingly blurred, as people are becoming more accustomed to seeing it.  Despite the growing number of protests, little is being done to change the standards.  And, as many point out, if the violent shows weren't getting good ratings, they wouldn't be on.  The only way for them to get good ratings is for people to be watching them, so obviously despite the protest, many Americans enjoy the violence on TV, or at least are not to offended by it to watch it.         Many people are very offended by some of the obscene lyrics in some music, however.  Music with obscene lyrics and messages are enjoying great popularity despite the fact that many, including a large number of prominent officials, find it repulsive, offensive and a bad influence.  This music has sparked great debate over what exactly the words freedom of speech entail.  The musicians and the people who listen to the music claim that freedom of speech is absolute, while others, particularly those who find the lyrics offensive, claim that it has limits.  Artists such as Ice-T, N.W.A.,and Cypress Hill have all had clashes with censorship.  N.W.A.'s music is almost entirely negative and

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