The Change of Airport Sercurity after 9/11 Essay

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The tragic event known as 9/11 affected many people in the United States and worldwide. The loss of family/friends/loved ones, the search for Osama bin Laden, financial changes, increase in military, and the damage of New York City, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C changed many peoples lives. The one thing that affects almost every single person, is the change in airport security throughout the United States.
I choose to research the topic of the change in airports after 9/11 because I travel a lot. Everytime I travel, my parents always mention how the airports were different before 9/11. I never understood what they meant. Also, I have only learned about the effects 9/11 had financially, and personally heard about the loss of family …show more content…

The TSA was created on November 19, 2001 for 450 airports from Alaska to Guam. They hired 55,000 employees. All of this happened in less than 12 months (Transportation Security Administration). The creation of the TSA was necessary because they needed to prevent future terrorist attacks and let people know it was safe to fly. Before the TSA, airports had very little security. The TSA established 20 new regulations, or layers of security. Each one of these layers is capable of stopping a terrorist attack. These layers have multiplied the level of security. Some examples of these layers are canine, checked baggage, hardened cockpit door, trained flight crew and random employee screening (Transport Security Administration). These new regulations were a huge step into making the airports a safer place. TSA now is trying to use the newest and latest technology to improve their security. In the near future, it is being said that the new scanners are going to be able to detect if someone touched a dangerous substance or object days ago (Segan). Many people are wondering when security is too much security and is it violating their rights.
Two of the things that most people complain about when going through security is having to take off their shoes and not being able to carry liquids over 3.4 oz with them on the plane. These rules were put into place after 9/11 and two subsequent terrorist attacks were attempted. These two attacks were Richard Reid,

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