The Changing Face Of Political Campaigns

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The media is everywhere. In our computers. In our phones. In our radios. Just around the corner waiting in a newspaper stand and flashing bright colors across our TVs. It seems like there is something being reported continuously every day. News and information are only a few taps away; unlimited knowledge now sits in almost anyone’s back pocket. All these new forms of media are changing everything. Political campaigns are not something we typically think about. To most people above the age of 18 in the United States, it is now normal to be bombarded by a presidential candidate 's campaign. On the other hand, this is a newer phenomenon caused by new media. The changing face of political campaigns has many sides. Public opinion, the youth vote, fundraising, and negative campaigning are only a few things that are affected by new media.
Public Opinion Public opinion is something that is tricky to define. There are multiple groups within the public that all have different opinions. This makes it impossible for everyone to have the same opinion on an issue. Public opinion then becomes the belief of the majority of people in a certain area. The so-called “public” can only be a town, a city, a state, or even the whole country. This makes public opinion vary. Though most of the time when it is discussed in campaigns it is the whole of the nation that is being discussed. Public opinion is influenced by multiple things including new media. The internet is a growing source for

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