The Character Of Billy's 'The Landlady'

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The Landlady

Even though the gruesome, ghastly and demonic story known as “The Landlady” ends in a disturbing way, it portrays many characteristics about the protagonist, Billy. There are numerous ways to characterize Billy, a 17-year-old kid on his first business trip in the strange city of Bath, England. Billy begins his journey to a hotel known as the Bell and Dragon but stumbles to a halt when he sees a seemingly cozy bed and breakfast that catches his eye. For a few pages everything seems great; unfortunately for Billy, he has some flaws which ultimately lead to his shocking death at the hands of a demented landlady. These are curiosity, a tendency to miss important clues, and gullibility.

The gullible nature of Billy Weaver is quite interesting as he does not show any sign of stupidity, but his gullible state got the best of him. There are numerous reasons to portray the nature of Billy as abnormal.The first sign shown by Billy is when he figures out the cost of staying at the Bed and Breakfast for a night. In the passage, it states “Five and sixpence a night, including breakfast” (Dahl 2). He subsequently says it was “fantastically cheap” (Dahl 2). but he never thought of the consequences he would face or think why it was so cheap, as many places would charge twice as much. This shows his gullible state of mind at the extremes. Billy Weaver finally asks about how this cheap of a place did not get lots of customers and she answered: “I’m inclined to be

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