The Character Of Hector As A Tragic Hero

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Hector is the heir to the house of Priam. As the prince of Troy he expresses extraordinary passion for his nation through his position as the irrefutable commander. Hector is a tragic hero in this epic poem. This is primarily portrayed through his tremendous sense of responsibility relevant to his station in Trojan society. Hector has the willingness to fight and stand by Troy while having a healthy family. “You, Hector you are my father now, my noble mother, and brother too and you are my husband, young and warm, and strong!”

The men of Troy respect Hector. Seeing him fight pushes them to battle on in his honor. Hector is a heroic character who fights with respect and passion. Not only does he represent a hero in the poem but could also act as one in our society.
“All this weighs on my mind too, dear women. But I would die of shame to fail the men of Troy and the Trojan women trailing their long robes if I would shrink from battle now, a coward. Nor does the spirit urge me on that way I’ve learned it too well. To stand up bravely, always to fight in the front ranks of the trojan soldiers, winning my father great glory, glory for myself.” (p210)
This quote proves that Hector will do anything in his will to be an honorable man and brave hero to the Trojan men and women, all the while knowing that his fate will end in death by Achilles. They carried gallant Hector forth, weeping tears, and they placed his corpse aloft the pyre’s crest, flung a torch and set it all aflame.”

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