The Characteristics Of A Man In Jack London's To Build A Fire

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Jack London’s famous short story, To Build a Fire, tells of a man that finds himself in the Yukon territory in North America making his way past a lonesome path that leads him to death. This short story makes one reflect on the foundations and instincts of the man and the dog who had accompanied him. The story shows how the man’s attitude changes as he keeps going down the snowy trail. How he begins as a confident traveler of the Yukon and ends up “running around like a chicken with its head cut off,” (London, 1908, pg. 94) after making mistakes and having regrets.
The whole story is told by the perspective of an omniscient narrator, not having any sort of attachment to the story or its characters. The story goes along with a man who is trying to make his way past a negative-fifty-degree environment to a camp where his …show more content…

He was more frustrated about the delay that this would have on his arrival to camp than the fact that if he didn’t build a fire quick, his whole leg could freeze. He built a fire under a tree, and then lost it to the snow that was resting atop the tree and had fallen on it. The man had made another mistake, he didn’t build the fire out in the open because it was easier to do so right next to the twig source, the tree. He then tried building another fire, but lost it this time to moss that he was unable to remove from the twigs. The man then realized his only source for warmth was the dog. He was unable to kill the dog for its fur and in turn made the dog keep its distance from him. He figures that he shouldn’t be far from the camp he was heading to and so thinks if he runs far enough, he will eventually reach it. His endurance did not allow for him to run much; the man then realized he was going to die and so accepted the mistakes he had made and accepted his

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