The Characteristics Of Frederick Douglass, An Epic Hero

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Whenever the word hero is mentioned, many people immediately have a visual image of a or their hero. There is a common misconception that heroes have to defeat some giant creature or force, and save a princess. This is the basis of numerous fictional heroes however. Oftenly in novels, movies, etc., the main protagonist or hero in general, can be referred to as an epic hero. An epic hero is typically one who does or did something of much significance and became well-known for it. They also might have had traveled over a great distance, or had a noble birth. An example of an epic hero is Homer’s Odysseus from The Odyssey. Odysseus’s accomplishments include fighting in the Trojan War, achieving fame, and traveling around the world. Although there are plentiful fictional and made up heroes, there are real life heroes too. One of these is Frederick Douglass, a former slave and one of the biggest leaders in the Civil Rights Movement. Douglass embodied an epic hero because he exemplified national heroism, being capable of great deeds of courage and strength, and distant travel. The first trait of an epic hero possessed by Frederick was national heroism. National heroism means that you are recognized as a hero in your own country, as well as in others. This trait is shown when the author of a short biography of Douglass’s life states that “Three years later, after a speaking tour consisting of England, Ireland, and Scotland, Douglass published the first issue of The North Star, a
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