The Characteristics Of Hegemonic Masculinity In The Film

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Hegemonic masculinity is present in many forms throughout life and allows for certain types and groups of people to have an advantage. This typically discourages women, other genders, and men of not Caucasian decent. In many twenty first century movies this is prevalent and sets a standard for other people to follow which is wrong in so many ways. Throughout the films Dope and Rogue One hegemonic masculinity occurs which causes men to perform acts to assert dominance, which in turns suppresses women and other races. In the film Dope hegemonic masculinity is present throughout the film. The main character Malcom, as well as Dom and AJ all display characteristics of the hegemonic masculinity. They all present ideas of “homosocial interactions which include emotional detachment, competitiveness and sexual objectification of women.” (Bird 131) This is extremely prevalent when Malcolm assumes the worst with Nakia being sent by Dom. He pushes her away which exemplifies emotional detachment. Early the sexual objectification of women comes into play when Malcolm becomes seduced by Lily and which leads to her domination and she uses it order to get the drugs which he has in his backpack. The story itself presents many manhood acts with the boys attempting upgrade their social status through parties and drugs. Later in the movie Malcom pulls a gun on the bully which he later becomes respected for doing and is now accepted into the group and drug community. The women in the movie

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