The Characteristics Of Heroism In The Epic Of Beowulf

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Heroism has been the main theme in many stories that were passed down orally throughout the generations, centering around the “good guy versus bad guy” plot. As time passed, people began to redefine their own version of heroism in various ways and sometimes depict the protagonist as a person with just as good of a flaw as the antagonist. Beowulf, written from the early 11th century into Anglo-Saxon script, is one of the oldest variations of a hero as far as writings date. Based on real people from modern day Scandinavia, Beowulf is a historical-fiction telling of monsters from various lands who oppress the Danes, until a warrior-prince named Beowulf ventures from his own land to defeat these monsters. When examining Beowulf’s actions, it’s clear to find that his motives for defeating the monsters is not to save people per se, but to attain glory and battle fame for himself. This is a normal reaction for a hero, but some may see it as only standing for the title of a hero, not actually satisfying the essence of heroic deeds. There are many characteristics to a hero, but narrowing it down to three will show the main points essential to a hero, shown and collected from most depictions of them. Heroes may attribute to haughtiness in response to fame, fortune and the opposite sex suddenly attracted to them, if the hero is coincidentally good-looking. After fighting a certain battle that they are known for clashing with, many heroes develop an internal battle within themselves

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