The Characteristics Of The Leader Of Nelson Mandela

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Nelson Mandela
When we think of what a leader should be, there are many characteristics that come to mind. Some examples of typical traits that are often seen in leaders are: confidence, passion, inspiration patience and persistence. All of these are important factors to being a good leader, yet they would not function alone. A good leader is created by followers and the situation that is requiring someone to lead. Without a cause or purpose, a leader does not have a goal to reach, and without a goal, no followers will join to support. There are many things that make and shape a good leader. In this essay I will look at what kind of leader Nelson Mandela was, and what made him successful. Nelson Mandela is known
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The majority of the people were black, and they had no rights, and were treated as less-worthy humans. Their problem was that they did not know how to fight this oppression. They did not have the power and military that the government held. What they needed was a leader. They needed someone who could be the voice of the country, and who could speak out and lead the rest of the black population toward freedom and equality. There were organizations made up by the people to fight against the oppression. The two most well known are PAC - Pan Africanist Congress, and ANC - African National Congress. The latter is known as the biggest South African political party. Both of these political movements were black South Africans fighting for freedom and looking out for the other black population in a peaceful…show more content…
The whole world was following what was happening with apartheid, and everyone looked to Nelson Mandela as one of the key figures in the fight. He got the attention of people from the UK, USA and many other western countries. He became a symbol of freedom to many people all over the world.
Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela was born in 1918, into a South African tribe. He was actually the son of the chief, and was raised to become the next leader of the tribe. Unfortunately his father passed away, and he was sent to his uncle, to be taught the ways of being a leader. Being of royal decent, he recieved a good education, and started college when he was 20 years old. While he was attending university, he received a message saying that his uncle had found him a wife. Nelson did not want to get married, so he ran away to Johannesburg. Johannesburg is the place where Nelson experienced apartheid for the first time in his life. He had always been sheltered from political problems and was shocked at how the black South African population was being treated. Over the next years he proceeded to get his law degree, and started working as a lawyer to protect blacks who had unfair trials and no lawyer. This is when he became a member of the ANC, and started taking part in the fight for
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