The Characters Of Dissociative Disorders In The Movie Shutter Island

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It is important to study psychological disorders because people all over are constantly diagnosed with some form every day. In addition, by studying them, researchers will learn more about how to care for these patients. One common disorder involves dissociative identity disorder, which is when a person experiences multiple personalities (BOOK). In addition, this disorder involves some form of break in the consciousness usually caused by trauma (book). By examining Leonardo DiCaprio’s characters in the movie Shutter Island, directed by Martin Scorsese, a viewer can see post-traumatic stress brought on his Dissociative Identity Disorder. Teddy Daniels, also known as Andrew Laeddis suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder as he produces …show more content…

When symptoms of acute stress disorder last more than one month it changes to posttraumatic stress disorder. In addition, symptoms such as nightmares, sleep disturbances, not being aware of one’s surroundings, and dissociative amnesia occurs after a traumatic event and can still remain present two years after the tragedy (book). Some ways to help treat this event are psychotherapy and drugs to help control anxiety, which is what the doctors at Ashecliffe did to try to help Laeddis. However, more often than not the drugs never fully helped Laeddis as he often became violent and hurt others; therefore, they wanted to try something else before turning to a lobotomy. A viewer sees the first sign of PTSD when he learns Solondo lost her husband in the war. Immediately, Laeddis has a flashback of all the people he had killed in the war, which instantly gives him a massive headache (movie). According to a video in (book) the first sign of PTSD starts with flashbacks (year). These flashbacks are a constant reminder of what happened, which if often why people form other personalities to avoid reliving that nightmare. Furthermore, this brings viewers to the next symptom that follows PTSD: avoidance. While there are more flashbacks throughout the film, the most important one happens when they find the fake Rachel, as Laeddis has a

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