The Characters Of Master Eps By Edwin Epp

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Out of all Northup's masters, Master Epps' has to be the worse. He's a cruel, rude, selfish man who cares for no one but himself. Although others may say the contrary, I believe making good first expressions is always important, and Edwin Epps made a horrible first impression. The second Northup arrived, Master Epps' already had him performing difficult tasks around the plantation. These jobs can range from picking cotton on a blistering hot day to carrying heavy metals back and from the house. Edwin Epps, in my eyes, is a very abusive master, although beating slaves is the correct thing to do, he tends to take it to an extreme level. He beats them and strangles them for whatever reason, although they may not be doing anything wrong. If I were a slave and if I worked for Edwin Epps, himself, I'm pretty sure I'll be dead. Not for doing the work incorrectly, but for talking back when I knew I couldn't. Instead of leaving the slaves to perish, he would use his own hands to beat them, to feel the presumptuous thrill running through their bare flesh. It seems like hell to an outsider, but I'm sure it gets better once you're experiencing it or does it? There was one thing Northup enjoyed that lifted his spirits, and that was looking at Miss Patsey. The way he described her, made the readers think that he wanted to devour her in just one look. To me personally; seems as if Northup was describing a dog instead of Patsey. Using foul language such as, "faithful, loyal, and

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