The Characters Of The Novel Of Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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Chapters 1-2 In the first two chapters of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, we are introduced to some of the main characters and get some history on them. The main character of the story is a young boy or girl, who is very smart and thoughtful for their age of 6. The story begins by describing the ancestors of the main character as well as some background in the town of Maycomb, such as the stories about the Radleys and their mysterious ways. While reading I noticed the incredibly obvious difference in language, and way of life. When the character told of his/her childhood, and how there were mules to bring supplies around, as well as the brick/dirt roads, which are almost nowhere to be seen in most towns now. While I was reading …show more content…

She was having lots of trouble in school due to her learning from Atticus and Calpurina, as well as not getting along with the other children, like Walter, who she was rude to. Walter is from a poor family, and I think shows how the social class works in the story. When I had first started reading the book I thought Scout was a boy, since she was always hanging out with her brother and Dill. The way that she acts is very different than how girls are “supposed to act” and I really appreciate the impartial views of the author, and hope the views are continued through the story. I really like that Scout is a tough girl, who isn’t afraid to do all the things her brother and other boys do.
While Scout is a smart girl, I don’t feel that a first grader can be as smart as the author is portraying, I really think that the book is told from a much older Scout who is looking back on the events during her childhood, which it had shown at the beginning of the story as she was talking in past tense. I’m incredibly interested to learn more about the creepy Radleys and what had happened to Gem’s arm.

Chapters 5-6
Chapters five and six of To Kill a Mockingbird summer is back again and so is Dill. Bringing even more trouble than last summer. Dill was determined on having Boo Radley come out since he had first come to Maycomb. Scout had really been discluded from the boys since she wanted to follow her father’s wishes. Gem and

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