Comparing The Chicago School Of Sociology And General Strain Theory

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The Chicago School The Chicago school of sociology believed that there were certain aspects that were inherent within an industrialized city that could cause criminal behavior. The school and there researcher believed that the way to find out if this hypothesis was correct was to analyze and observed the regions in which the criminal and deviant activities were occur in. The school decided that to get a better idea of how this was affecting the area they would have to get involve with the community and do some field work to gage the response of the citizens within the area, and to ask questions and fill out surveys to gain a better perspective of the issue at hand. The research study was “a literary mode by sociological reporters, who provided dense descriptions documenting in rich and intriguing detail particular events and processes from their experience of being immersed with actual participants and getting to know their situated life patterns and belief systems” (“The Chicago School”, n.d.). The main purpose of this research is to ascertain if the Chicago school of sociology and “General Strain Theory (GST) share any type of relationship in regards to stress, criminal behavior that leads to crime, negative emotions base on the community in which they reside, and failure to achieve positively valued goals (i.e., status or money) because of their living conditions or environment” (“Review of the Roots”, n.d.).
Literature Review General Strain Theory symbolizes the

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