The Childhood Of Fatherless Homes

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Fatherless Homes
What happens to the fatherless child? Will this child be afforded the same opportunities as a child raised in a two parent homes? The growing epidemic of fatherless homes in America is a vastly growing trend. How far back through out American History can we trace this epidemic? Is there a close correlation between the absence of the father in the home, and likely hood of a child growing up to be a criminal? My primary focus will be on the affect this issue has on African American homes. Through out this paper I will address this issue, and give fact based reasoning for the matter in question. This issue is currently prevalent and an ever-growing predicament, I will compare and contrast the past and the present of this topic.

Slavery How far back through out American History can we trace this epidemic? We can trace this epidemic all the way back to slavery. In 2015 we are still dealing with the remnants of trauma of slavery. Upon arrival into America many traditions, and family bonds were broken. Slaves lived with the constant fear of separation. “Enslaved people lived with the perpetual possibility of separation through the sale of one or more family members. Slave-owners’ wealth lay largely in the people they owned, therefore, they frequently sold and or purchased people as finances warranted. A multitude of scenarios brought about sale. An enslaved person could be sold as part of an estate when his owner died, or because the owner needed to

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