The Children Who Built Victorian Britain

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The Children Who Built Victorian Britain

Freddy Alban
Professor Gilchrist
Hist 112
May 15, 2015

In the documentary “The Children Who Built Victorian Britain” by BBC, talks about the children of the industrial revolution, it shows the jobs they had, where these children came from, their motivation and the progression of laws against child labor. Before the industrial revolution people used to manufactures their goods in their homes using simple machines, but in the late 1700’s this shifted drastically in Britain. They started to implement new ideas of modernization using industries to manufacture goods at a larger scale. The steam engine, iron and textile industries were one of the many industries that played a key role to improve economy, transportation and living conditions in the late 1700’s. Without the industrial revolution we wouldn’t have the technology that we have nowadays, but the industrial revolution also brought a dark chapter for history, the exploitation of children.
The 18th and 19th centuries inventors and entrepreneurs were able to be successful not only because of their minds and inventions, but because they counted with the help of one key factor, children. These children played a vital role in the industrial revolution; they were the first generation of working class in Britain. Mills and factories were built far away from the cities they needed rivers to power up their huge factories, due to the fact that it was

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