The Chinese Character Known as Women´s Writing: The Nüshu (Chinese: 女書)

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Nüshu (Chinese: 女書) is known as "women's writing". It is an asyllabic script and made up by simplified Chinese characters that was used exclusively among women in Hunan province of southern China (Jiangyong Country). [5] 
The uses of Nüshu script is to write a Chinese local dialect, Xiangnan Tuhua (Chinese: 湘南土話, 'Southern HunaneseTuhua'). This dialect is used by people in Xiao and Yongming River of northern Jiangyong County. [6] This dialect is different to the other parts of Hunan that it is not intelligible to speakers. It only written in Nüshu script and is known as Dong language to its speakers. [7] Instead of writing down there own dialects, Chinese people usually write in classical Chinese, eligible to all educated among the country but very different from verbal language that the illiteracy cannot understand even they are read to. Thus, the dialects people use in daily life cannot actually be written down. It is only in the Republican period some dialects like Cantonese struggled to get their own writing form, as part of Vernacular Movement. There are different comments on the classification of Xiangnan Tuhua. Because it has features of various Chinese languages, there are some elites classify it in Xiang Chinese or Pinghua and some elites consider that as hybrid dialect. [8] The majority of locals in Jiangyong are bilinguists. In addition to Tuhau, they use Hunan dialect of Southwestern Mandarin to communicate with people outside Tuhua area and some formal

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