The Chinese Exclusion Act Of 1882

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The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 was passed while President Chester Arthur was in office. It was the first law in the United States that restricted immigrants with a detailed agenda. However, before the act was passed, there were limitations against the Chinese already growing with legislatures and previous treaties. Although, attitudes towards the Chinese was not always discriminating and hostile, limitations grew and Chinese immigrants became unwelcome. Legislation ensured Chinese remained inferior by making it hard to earn money. They had to pay a foreign miner 's tax and an alien poll tax, even though, U.S merchants advertised and lured Chinese people to America during the 1848 Gold Rush because they needed them to work the …show more content…

The 3rd section allows specific Chinese laborers to stay in the US as long they could provide proof that they were already here on November 17 1880, Angell Treaty, or those who came before the expiration of the 90 days after the act was passed. This section also forgave a ship’s master if he were forced to port in U.S jurisdiction due to bad weather, as long as no Chinese laborers were left behind. The 4th, 5th ,6th and 7th sections elaborate on identification and registry requirements need for Chinese laborers mentioned in the previous section to protect their rights under the Angell treaty and the 90-day expiration frame to travel freely in and out of the US. The Chinese laborer must give their certificate to the ship’s master before departing. If they miss their ship when it leaves to come back, their certificate of residence will be voided. In addition, Chinese laborers had the right to have inquired a certificate of residents for also traveling by land. Any Chinaman who was not a laborer had to provide an English language certificate or have a translated English certificate along with the Chinese certificate stating special permissions under either the China or US government authorities. If anyone forged a certificate or impersonated another, the possible consequences were imprisonment for 5 years and fines up to $1000

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