The Civil Code Provision Prohibiting Assisted Suicide

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In February 2015 the Supreme Court of Canada struck down the Criminal Code provision prohibiting assisted suicide, though the ruling does not take effect until 2016. Among those challenging were the families of Kay Carter, a woman suffering from degenerative spinal steno-sis, and Gloria Taylor, a woman suffering for ALS, both of whom are deceased. As government struggles to draft a Bill that protects all, we pause to consider once again this very important is-sue in our world today within the context of Christian ethics.

As we bring our upbringing, faith commitment, past experience and reflections to bear on everything we do, we now stand back and go to the sources that for Christians should provide the moral insight needed to proceed: (1) Scripture; (2) Tradition; (3) Reason; and (4) Experience. As it is generally believed today that the canon of Scripture was put together through a sincere act of discernment by the Christian community and that it is truly the coming together of the human and the divine, we begin our investigation with Scripture. We will then look at the remaining three: tradition; reason; and experience in light of Scripture.

Scripture - When checking The New Jerome Biblical Commentary, The Word in Life Study Bible, New King James Version and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which are known for connecting scripture to particular issues, we soon see the lack of biblical evidence di-rectly related to assisted suicide. Therefore we must call on

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