The Civil War Of The United States

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The Civil War was one of the most deadly wars the United States ever fought it was fought between the North and South and to this day still leaves a big mark on the history of the United States. Though the Civil War seemed to be clear cut on what happened during the conflict its cause is to this day seemingly undecided. Was it the simple piece of legislature called the Kansas-Nebraska act that started it or the election of the United States president Abraham Lincoln that caused the turmoil? Either way these two causes have their starting points in slavery in the United States. Slavery was the ultimate cause of the Civil War.
As the United States furthered its land and power by expanding west the land had to be divided equally between free states and slave states. As the United States expanded west it had to equally divide the land between the North(free) and the South(slave). This need to distribute the land equally lead to the compromises before the Civil War. The compromises that where made only prolonged the Civil War until its start. First there was the Missouri Compromise which stated that anything above 36- 30 degrees North was free with the exception of Missouri. But the Missouri Compromise did not last long as the Mexican Cession soon gave the United States more territory to divide among the North and South. The Compromise of 1850 prolonged the Civil War but more land was obtained and more compromises to keep stability between North and South. But all great things

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