The Civil War Of The United States Essay

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In the early years of the republic, when the Northern states were providing for immediate or gradual emancipation of the slaves, many leaders had supposed that slavery would die out. In 1787 the Northwest Ordinance had banned slavery in the Northwest Territory. In 1808 many southerners thought that slavery would end soon. The expectations turned out to be false. The South became united behind the institution of slavery as new economic factors made slavery more profitable than it had been before 1790. Slavery was a huge issue. In fact, slavery was so serious it was one of the primary reasons for the civil war. Slavery had some high times and some low times in the 1800 's, but no matter how it was going some people were always for it and some people were always against it.

Chief among these was the rise of a great cotton-growing industry in the South, stimulated by the introduction of new types of cotton and by Eli Whitney’s invention in 1793 of the cotton gin, which separated the seeds from cotton. The cotton gin made it easier and faster to extract the seeds within the cotton, in turn making it easier to sell the cotton quickly. Slaves could now clean 1,000 pounds of cotton a day. The faster cotton could be produced the faster it would need to be collected, so this required more slave hands.

The Industrial revolution increased the demand for raw cotton and opening of new lands in the West greatly extended the area available for cotton cultivation. Sugar

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