The Cold War During World War II

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When World War II ended, the last thing the countries imagined was another worldwide conflict. But that’s exactly was soon ensued when the Cold War erupted between the Eastern powers and the Western powers. The Eastern powers consisted of the Soviet Union and the Western powers consisted of America, Britain and France. During World War II, these allies had a common ground to work together in effort to fight against Hitler and the Nazi Party. The Cold War wasn’t an actual war where battles were fought; it was a time of political controversy and tension between these countries that were once allies. The thoughts of the Cold War in the Western countries for a while was that it was mainly all “aggressive Soviet attempts at worldwide…show more content…
Also, the Western powers intervened against the communist powers during the Civil War of Russia in 1918-1920. These two circumstances set the root for tension. Then origins of the actual Cold War instigated. “Stalin had sought a post WW2 reorganization of Europe to shield his country from the repetition of German invasions” while “Britain and American statesmen envisioned post war Europe where nations like Italy, Greece and others would fall within a sphere of influence controlled by Western Powers” (Discovering 255). But Germany was the main origin being that it was in the center of Europe, it was what each power wanted control over. In October 1943, the European Advisory Commission (EAC) was created between America, Britain and Soviet officials to work out what Germany’s post- World War II treatment would consist of. This was what resulted in the division of the country into zones of occupation down the line of the Elbe River. The Soviets zone was east of the line and Britain, America’s and eventually France’s zones were on the western side. The problem with this, though, was that the country’s capital of Berlin was located in the Soviets eastern zone of occupation, which gave the Soviets an advantage over the Western powers so there was agreement to divide the capital into eastern and western zones as
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