The Collapse Of A Society

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No single reason can usually be attributed to the collapse of a society. Civilizations both thrive and fall due to numerous reasons. Invasion from foreign forces, natural disasters, overexpansion, and decay of religious beliefs can all be attributed to decline in civilizations, but looking further into the decline there is another pattern. The breakdown in moral behavior precipitates the collapse of civilizations. The desire for power and wealth most often cause morality to decay. This pattern is significant for the reason that the decline in moral behavior brings about other problems that also contribute to the societal decline such as distrust in government and loss of civic virtue. Understanding the internal problems allows people to better understand why civilizations thrive and why they fail and apply that knowledge elsewhere.
Between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, in what is now modern day Iraq was once a region known as Mesopotamia. Between 1800 and 1750 B.C.E Mesopotamia was ruled by Hammurabi. Hammurabi is best known for creating a legal code for the inhabitants of Mesopotamia. The Code of Hammurabi was carved on a large pillar and set out for everyone to see, the significance of this being that the laws were not able to be changed based on things such as social class. Not only was this a set of laws for the Babylonian people, but also a set of moral standards that created a more civilized society. According to Hammurabi in the prefix the code sets out to “cause

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