The Coming Of The Civil War

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Kaeli Ariail
HIST 2111
Prof. Vaughn-Tucker
April 20th, 2017
Unit 6 Essay: The Coming of the Civil War Before the Civil War started, the North and the South argued on two main topics: slavery and state rights. In my opinion, it was because of slavery that state rights were argued. When Western territories were annexed from Mexico, they were admitted to the Union with the condition that that slavery be banned through the Wilmot Proviso ( Because of this, slave states felt they were unfairly treated and outnumbered. The religious fervor of the Second Great Awakening also gave way to new ideology. Combined with the growing abolitionist sentiment, Northern states began taking action against Southern states. Because their rights as …show more content…

The Corwin Amendment attempted to make it impossible for Congress to rid slave states of slavery (The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History). The Corwin Amendment was later removed in 1864, when the North’s chances of winning improved. The introduction of the Corwin Amendment by Representative Thomas Corwin of Ohio sought to solve a lot of issues for slave states. With the Federal government overlooking Northern acts of aggression, this amendment would force the North to stop attacking the South. It also reaffirmed the rights of slaveowners and the rights of “domestic institution”. It also enticed the South from leaving the Union. This is important simply because the Constitution defines measures for state admission in Article Four (United States Constitution), but not state exit. Article Four of the Constitution details matters that do with statehood, and the relationship between states and their federal government. It is popular for the Full Faith and Credit Clause, which makes records in one state available and active in other states—the most popular example being marriage. It also details the process of gaining statehood. In my opinion, the Article does not detail the exit of a state because once a state gained statehood, there was no turning back. Were this the case, history would detail two dates of admission for states that later formed the Confederacy. Even now, there have been many states wanted the opportunity to

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