The Communist Manifesto By Karl Marx And Friedrich Engels Essay

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“The Communist Manifesto” – the work of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels was published on February 21, 1848. This book is the first document of scientific communism and the first program of the international communist organizations and parties. It is the most systematic work of all thoughts and great teachings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. “The Communist Manifesto” consists of the main statements of the materialistic conception of history, the impartial laws of social development, the laws of the transition from one mode of production to another. The work describes the history of all hitherto existing class society as the history of class struggles. “The Communist Manifesto” provides a brilliant analysis of the characteristics of capitalism, the rapid development of the productive forces and the emergence of widespread machine production conditions. With great strength and depth, “The Communist Manifesto” analyzes the antagonistic contradictions essential in capitalism, and justify the inevitability of its collapse.
Both Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels argue that history of class struggle is concentrated between the bourgeoisie, or owners (oppressors), and the proletariat, or workers (oppressed). The bourgeoisie has to do their best in order to succeed. They must build a great variety of new cities and promote various products. However, the most significant part of their activity is to preserve cheaper goods, whereas expelling a lot of workers to see a gradual rise in

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